Water Damage

Water Restoration And Extraction

Regardless of the cause of the water damage (natural disaster, leaking water from a broken sewer pipe, damaged roof, or a broken hose from a major appliance), water damage constitutes the single greatest threat to a home or business structure. Not only is water damage restoration one of the most difficult of all remediation challenges, it is a ticking time bomb that threatens the life of a structure.

In addition to the obvious destructive nature of water to your home and contents, water damage also invites mold and bacteria as well as insect infestation and can permanently compromise the property’s structural integrity.

That’s why you need a water damage restoration pro like Premier Restoration to attack the problem with the most experienced water damage mitigation team armed with the most up-to-date water extraction equipment designed to successfully combat the challenges inherent to complete water removal and total property restoration. Proper water damage remediation requires tools that can’t be leased from the local hardware store.

Premier Restoration employs powerful modern machinery capable of thoroughly removing thousands of gallons of waste water for its safe and environmentally friendly disposal.

Thermal imaging technology is used to detect hidden pockets of moisture behind walls and under floors.

Powerful air movers are strategically placed to ring every drop of moisture from the premises.


When we arrive on scene, the mold remediation team begins by initiating a visual inspection to determine the location of the mold infestation in the property and on all personal possessions within the structure. Many times, however, the biggest danger with mold infestation comes from what you can’t see. Black mold spores easily spread to unaffected areas and threaten the entire property.

Our water extraction team works using techniques and tools to salvage personal possessions and furnishings. And last, diagnostics tools determine the presence of any remaining threat such as mold, toxic chemicals or bacteria.

Water extraction and property restoration is a battle against time. Premier Restoration is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year to respond instantly to your water extraction and recovery needs. A representative is available now to answer any questions and provide a free assessment.



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