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Flooding and water damage in your home or business are caused by a variety of factors. All of which requiring you to hire and/or seek the knowledge of an IICRC certified reliable restoration company to fix the water damage. Excess water in your home or business can come from natural disasters such as hurricanes, floods, and/or heavy rainfall. As well as from pipes that burst or start to leak in your plumbing system. Household appliances can malfunction and cause water to pool in areas that might not be noticeable. Septic tanks can overflow and cause raw sewage to spew into your crawlspace or structure. When gutters and roof drains get backed up, the excess water can begin to cause serious damage. Bathtubs and showers that are poorly constructed or need the grout replaced can permit water to seep through onto the tile and create mold and other unwanted effects. A supply line break can occasion a leak that floods the house. A pipe break or a blockage in the sewer system can also contribute to water damage. There are also some accidents such as forgetting to properly close the taps, among others that can lead to a flooded home. If the home is left unattended for some time, it may give an appearance of drying, but this might only mean that the water has seeped deep into the floor and walls and is causing internal damage. This is especially the case if the supply line break occurs in an area that is not accessed regularly such as the basement. Children clogging sinks or toilets and overflowing bathtubs is another one we often see. We could keep going with causes we’ve seen over the years but to narrow it down to the main categories we see as causes are Storm, Appliance Failure due to lack of maintenance, and Plumbing Bursts. Take a look through our blog list for a post on preventing water damage to help keep you in the clear as much as possible.

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